Set in the year 2020, in Keizer Oregon’s Alternate Timeline. Great acts of terrorism have not happened on US soil in recent history. School shootings are unheard of, weapons are not turned away at the door of our schools for this reason.

Japan was bombed heavily by North Korea in the year 2012. China assimilated N. Korea within six months in response. Many Asian, dominantly Japanese, refugees fled to the Western states of the US bringing wealth and culture with them. This wealth Changed the greater Salem area quite a bit, starting with the raising of the State Capitol building to a height 25 stories. This allowed for sky scrapers to be built on Minto Island (The “Island” south of west Salem and on the opposite side of the Willamette Slough from down town.) Downtown map

“China Town” as the average citezen calls it has been built east of town between Silverton road and Sunnyview.
Chinatown map

Clementine Streets Destiny Number One!

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